What is Telegram Marketing?

If you haven’t used Telegram yet, let’s talk about it now. Why? There may be a new big thing in marketing on Telegram.

When you first look at Telegram, it looks like it’s just another chat app with messaging, calling, and fleeting chats. Telegram isn’t very popular in North America, but it’s a very popular messaging app in Russia (even though it’s been banned there) and in Brazil. As of now, Telegram has 350 million people who use it every month.

You can use Telegram marketing to spread the word about a brand. With this channel, you can reach more people, boost sales, and help customers learn more about your service. In Telegram marketing, a brand uses the messaging service to promote itself. Increase sales and educate customers about your product or service by utilizing this platform.

In April 2020, Telegram’s monthly active users had climbed to 50 million. Every day, 2 million people download and join up for the app. Many of the following benefits are possible because of the platform’s expanding popularity.

Planning Telegram Marketing

If you want to start, you should know that Telegram doesn’t have any ads at this time or in the future.

There are a lot of people who like Telegram because its creators say this is what they want to do.

This gives you a group of people who are interested and who know about the most recent internet trends. Many of them don’t want the old-fashioned, annoying ads that are hard to turn off. These are customers who have previously turned down ads from your competitors that use sponsored ads.

no ads

You might be able to get them to like you by being creative and coming up with new ideas.

Telegram Marketing

  • Want to create a non-email news stream for your customers?
  • Need to fast upgrade your network?
  • Create a non-annoying, non-data-harvesting conversation like Facebook?
  • Plan to create a content-rich resource with great storytelling in a new format?

Telegram group conversations allow your consumers to directly contact you and ask questions. The correct group chat setup might be a community forum where people support each other with minimal interaction from you.

telegram group

Telegram channels are wonderful for storytelling. You can create storylines, information bases, product showcases, customer testimonials, and more. Some channels post multiple times per day, while others only post once a week or bimonthly. It’s all about connecting with your audience’s cadence.

telegram channel

Benefits of Telegram

Benefit of Telegram Marketing
  1. Allows brands to provide round-the-clock customer care. This is when conversational interfaces like chatbots come in handy. As a virtual assistant, a chatbot can help you perform routine chores more efficiently. Chatbots are available around the clock to answer questions, process orders, and help customers. This will allow your customer service staff to focus on more difficult situations. Chatbots don’t require any programming expertise, and SendPulse makes it easy to build a chatbot that responds automatically to user queries, such as “delivery,” “pricing,” or “refund.”
  2. Enhance the user’s experience. With Telegram polls, this is a simple task. In order to learn what your clients think of your product or service, develop a poll with many choices. You can also create a quiz where you explain why a user selected the incorrect option. For educational services, the last choice is ideal. Anonymity is an option for your polls.
  3. Marketers can use this to keep their customers up to date. Telegram channels make this possible. Invite your existing customers to join a private or public channel you create. Share more images and videos of your items, explain the history of your company, and introduce your staff. Keep customers up to date on future specials and promotions.
  4. It helps marketers connect with their customers in a more effective way. Using Telegram groups is a great way to connect directly with customers. Using a Telegram group, you and your followers can communicate with each other and with your audience. In addition, administrators can be added to your group to make it easier to run. By forming a group, you can enlist the assistance of existing customers in answering new leads’ inquiries about your product or service. Groups on Telegram are a great way to form a community.
  5. Brands can use it to promote their websites. If you have a new collection, or if you have a satisfied customer, you can share a link to that customer’s review. Increased traffic to specific web pages can be achieved this way.

Telegram's Functions

telegram functions

Telegram is a private chat app. In-app recording of short films and audio clips is also possible. Cloud storage, folders, and desktop support are included.

There are public and private chats. Both can be started with any of your contacts, but hidden chats are optionally ephemeral. You can set a timer to delete messages after they are opened. There are options for 1 second, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. They are not linked to the cloud and are only accessible on the device where they were set up. Secret conversations also don’t permit message forwarding!

Aside from secret chat, groups and channels are a big aspect of Telegram. They are the most important for marketing! Due to Telegram’s ad-free status, organic publishing is the only way to engage your audience, however there are other paid options.

telegram features


It’s only going to get more popular because more people are looking for alternatives to Facebook-based social and chat tools. Telegram is one of them.

Marketers always follow the consumer, and Telegram is one of the early leaders in this race. If you start now, you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Take a look at becoming one of the first people in North America to use Telegram. This way, you can start building your brand’s fan base before anyone else does! Your competitors will join the bandwagon at some point.

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