Telegram Blaster: Tips and Tricks

Telegram is a cross-platform instant messaging and VoIP service that is widely used. It is open-source and freeware in nature. It’s available as an app for Android and iOS on mobile devices, as well as Linux, macOS, and Windows on computers. Furthermore, you may use it on the web with a web browser on any device, regardless of the platform. In terms of what you get, the service has a lot of features and functionalities, including those that aren’t available on WhatsApp. And, in light of the recent backlash against WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, Telegram appears to be a viable option.

Therefore, whether you’re new to Telegram (or a seasoned veteran), here’s a list of some of the finest Telegram tips and techniques to help you get started and get more out of the platform. Additionally, you can send out Telegram bulk messages using Telegram Blaster to promote your business.

Send media that disappears (as well recognized as personality)

When you send messages and media in regular chat mode on Telegram, they stay in the same conversation for a long time. Telegram has a self-destructing feature that can help people who don’t want the other person in their conversation to be able to see their media forever (kind of). This isn’t a big deal most of the time. Keep in mind, though. The recipient can still save your media files even if you send a message that will disappear.

self destruct message

In the chat where you want to send the media, click on the attachment button to add the media. You’ll then choose the photos and videos you want to send and hold down the send button. When you do that, you are given a few choices to make. Here, choose to Send with Timer. Now, use the self-destruct timer to set the timeout time. So finally, click the Send with Timer button.

Make Use of the Slow Mode

Telegram’s slow mode is a great feature for people who run groups. It lets group admins set a limit on how many messages group members can send at a time, so they don’t send a lot of messages at once. Telegram, on the other hand, lets administrators set a time interval between each message. During this time, members must wait until they can send a message before they can do so (once they have already sent one). If you are a group admin, you should turn on slow mode to stop people from sending a lot of emails.

telegram blaster slow mode message

In order to do this, head across to your Telegram group and click on the Edit button (on iOS) or the pen icon (on Android) to make changes (on Android). Then, click on Permissions to see what you can do. On the next page, you will see a Slow Mode slider with varying time intervals of up to an hour. You can choose how long you want to slow down. Drag the slider to set the slow mode time to how long you want it to last.

Interact with people and groups near you

Telegram lets you connect with people and groups in your area without giving them your phone number. On Facebook, you can search for people in your area and add them as friends. “Nearby” lets you connect with people who use the Telegram app near where you live. People can talk to you without knowing your phone number when you go to public events.

telegram blaster create local group

It’s easy to use: Open up Telegram. Then go to the Contacts section and choose “Find People Nearby.” When the app asks for your location, give it permission. Once you finish, you get a list of all the people and groups near you, with an approximate distance mark next to them. You can click on any of these people or groups to connect.

Select and Copy Some messages From a Text

Many messaging apps don’t let you copy only a small part of a text into a message. WhatsApp, for example, doesn’t let you choose a specific part of a message. Instead, you have to go through the long process of first selecting the whole text and then pasting it into a tiny text box to edit out the unnecessary parts. Telegram, on the other hand, lets you copy only the text you want to. This makes text selection and copying easier on the app.

select and copy some message

To select a part of the text in a message, tap and hold on to a message to select it, and again, tap and hold on to it to select the part you need Once you’re done, copy the text and paste it where you want it.

Prevent others from including you in groups

Groups on messaging services make it easy to share information with a lot of people at once. However, just like other features, the group chat function has both good and bad points. Often, marketing companies and even friends use it to get a lot of people (who aren’t really interested) to spread their message. Fortunately, there are a lot of apps these days that let you stop people from adding you to groups they don’t know about. Telegram is one of them.

prevent other from adding you to group

To stop people from adding you to Telegram groups that they don’t know you from, go to Settings > Privacy and Security. From here, choose Groups. On the next page, under Who can add me to group chats, choose My Contacts under Who can. Select Never Allow and add the contact of the person you don’t want to join their group here.

Set up a Private Chat Room

When you start a new conversation, Telegram stores all of your chats on its servers. Cloud servers and users talk to each other in a way that is safe while this is going on. However, you should know that this is not user-to-user encryption, which means there is a risk of a breach. Telegram calls this feature “Secret Chat.” If you want to make sure that your conversations with another Telegram user are safe, you need to use this feature. Conversations that happen in secret chat are not stored on the company’s servers. They are only between users and are not encrypted. Furthermore, these conversations can’t be sent to another person, and they also don’t allow screenshots. It’s also possible to set a self-destruct timer for secret chat messages, photos, videos, and files. When the recipient reads or opens them, the messages, photos, videos, and files are gone for good after that time has passed.

private chat room

Choose New Secret Chat from the pencil icon on Android’s home page to start a secret chat. On the next page, choose the person you want to have a secret chat with and start talking. If you already have a chat with that person, users can tap on their account and on the three-dot menu, and then choose Start Secret Chat.

To have a secret chat with someone on iOS, you need to choose the person and go to their profile. Click the three-dot button that says More and chooses Start Secret Chat from the list of items.

Conduct a YouTube or GIF search

On Telegram, one of the most useful things is that you can do a very quick search. The language can come in handy if you’re having a conversation with someone else. An inline bot can help you look up a GIF or a YouTube video in a Telegram chat without having to leave the app. Bots let you do this inside the app. Sometimes when you need to find a video (or GIF) and share it on an app, you have to switch between apps in order to get the link. You don’t have to go through that long process with these Telegram bots, though, because they do the work for you.

conduct youtube or gif search

In the chat window, type @gif or @youtube, followed by your search word to look for a GIF or a YouTube video. You’ll get a list of all the possible ideas for the GIF or video you requested as soon as you do that. Choose which one you wish to send and press the send button. Apart from these inline bots, Telegram has a plethora of other bots that allow you to accomplish a variety of tasks. Additionally, you may build bespoke Telegram bots to assist you with certain use cases and even automate certain operations.

Write good content for Telegram Blaster

Writing good content has never been more important than ever before. Good content attracts readers to continue reading or consuming your material. Good content attracts more genuine traffic to consume or even use your content (of course, people who use your content will reference you). Good content encourages people to take action on your promotional message. You can use all sorts of methods to attract people to engage with your content which includes images, videos, files, promo codes and etc. Telegram Blaster will work only if the content is good.

Telegram blaster write good content

Upload Telegram user ID before using Telegram Blaster

Telegram has implemented privacy protection for their user. If Telegram users do not want other people to search their Telegram profile through their mobile number, all they need is to select “Nobody”. 

privacy protection phone number

Because of this new privacy policy implementation, you need to upload Telegram user ID instead. The chances of searching for a Telegram profile are higher for a Telegram user ID as compared to searching using a phone number. In summary, we recommend Telegram Blaster users search via Telegram user ID instead.

telegram user id


The above are some of the best Telegram Blaster tips and tricks that you can use to improve your experience and get more out of the service. These tricks and all the different features of Telegram can help you, no matter how long you’ve been using it or how new you are to the app. You can always use our Telegram Blaster to send out your promotional message to your own recipients in a bulk volume. We can complete your campaign in 24 hours regardless of the volume of the messages you want to send out on every campaign at any given time.

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