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We use wide range of advert solutions to reach your targeted audience through the mass broadcasting method.

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Our company is located at Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. We are a small company with a strong passion for helping your business to gain more revenue through different forms of advert solutions such as  WhatsApp Blasting,  LINE Blasting & many more.

What we do

Our Services

Our advert solutions are WhatsApp Blasting, Telegram Blasting & LINE Blasting. We help you send large quantities amount of messages within 24 hours. You can launch your campaign by accessing our portal. 

WhatsApp Marketing

Launch your WhatsApp advertisement by broadcasting your messages to the list of mobile numbers you have. We have 2 types of WhatsApp Blasting (unofficial blasting & official blasting).

WhatsApp Button Blasting

Blast your promotional message with a better user experience and clickable link by inserting a button into your WhatsApp message.

LINE Marketing

Create your first LINE advertisement using our portal and send out your messages to the list of mobile numbers you have.

SEO Service

We also provide SEO by driving high-quality traffic via white hat link building, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

Telegram Bot Broadcast

Launch your Telegram advertisement by broadcasting your messages to the list of Telegram username you have.

Open Blasting API

Start to integrate with your existing software with our API & begin to automate the entire process of transactional message and broadcast message. 

Signal Blasting

Launch your Signal advertisement by broadcasting your messages to the list of Signal users you have.

iMessage Blasting

Launch your iMessage blasting to all iOS users worldwide. 

Our Credibility

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"Their WhatsApp Marketing helps us to reach our intended audience in 24 hours."
"Their response time is very fast. They are very attentive to us."
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Edoc Com
"Even though sometimes there is a technical problem occurs, they still try to solve the problem within a certain timeframe and revert back to us."

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Our clients have worked very closely with us. We always strive our best to provide a great user experience for everyone. 

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What we do here is to help our customers (you) get the result you want at a tiny fraction of your business revenue.