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WhatsApp marketing tool has become important for any marketer & businesses. With over 2 billion monthly active users & growing, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messenger app worldwide. It is later follow on with Facebook messenger. Imagine with this sheer amount of active users, one must wonder how many business opportunities are there for us. Our WhatsApp marketing tool is FREE for download.

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To send out your WhatsApp messages in 24 hours. We provide 2 different delivery rates, up to 90% & 100% delivery rate.

WhatsApp marketing tool software is a software which enables you to send out large quantities of messages using your own WhatsApp number. It comes with several functionalities such as sim card rotation sequence, sending out WhatsApp messages without login into WhatsApp each time you want to launch a WhatsApp blast campaign, and many more. A lot of people are charging money for this software purchase. However, you can get the same software from us for FREE. Absolutely no charges at all. 

Why WhatsApp marketing software works?

There are more than 2 billion WhatsApp active users globally. Hence, you can reach to wider audiences around the world instantaneously. Moreover, users tend to open WhatsApp messages more as compared to sms. Naturally your promotional content is able to reach out to audiences effectively. 

How to use WhatsApp Blaster Software?

It is simple. Just download our free WhatsApp blaster software and follow our installation guide. However, please take note that we do not provide any customer service on WhatsApp marketing software since it is free. If you prefer great customer service experience, you can always use our WhatsApp bulk message sender, a web-based WhatsApp blast portal. 

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WhatsApp Marketing Software for Free


WhatsApp Software

Download and use it for free. However, we do not provide after-sales service upon the free items. This software comes with these functions:


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