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Launch your advertisement through using our Signal Bot Broadcast. We will help you to blast your Signal messages in 24 hours.

Complete WhatsApp and Line Marketing Solution
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To send out your Signal messages in 24 hours. We provide high delivery rate, from 98% – 99% delivery rate.

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Complete Signal Marketing Solution

We have been providing a complete Signal marketing solution for several years. If you are looking for an effective Signal Blasting service that actually works then you are in the right place. We did research on user’s demand. Mostly wanna start their strategic Signal marketing at one place and they wanna implement every Signal marketing related thing at the same time. Exactly we developed our marketing automation tool by prioritizing user’s demand. So what are we offering?

  • Signal Bulk

  • Signal Blasting

  • Signal Broadcast

  • Signal Bot


What is Signal Blasting?

First of all, all of us know what Signal really is. It is a free mobile app that allows you to send Signal messages instantaneously to all users in bulk. You can send text, image, files, videos and more. This amazing app helps us to save money from sending expensive sms every month. 

With more than 40 million active users globally who are using Signal as a main medium of communication in their daily life, a new opportunity arises. We can use Signal as a platform for broadcasting your promotional content to your intended audiences. 

Introducing Signal Bot Broadcast. It is an advertising method to advertise your promotional content by sending across a promotional message to a list of targeted recipients. 

Why does Signal Blasting work?

At this moment, Signal does not have any ad in their app. It is completely 100% ad free and 100% free to use. The best way to monetize the existing platform user base is to launch advertisement campaigns. Hence, with our Signal Blasting approach, we deliver your promotional content in Signal to your targeted audience. You can decide which audience you want to display your ad to. 

How to use Signal Blasting?

Firstly, you need to prepare a list of the audience you want to target by compiling a list of mobile numbers you wish to send your promotional content to. 

Secondly, you need to draft out your enticing promotional content so that your Signal blasting campaign will be successful. There are many ways to improve your promotional content click-through-rate (CTR). You can beautify your images, insert a clear call-to-action (CTA), offer vouchers and many more. 

Lastly, use a link tracker to track the performance of your campaign such as bitly.com. You can use bitly.com to track how many users actually click on the link you have inserted into your promotional content. You can make better decisions on what to improve next with this data.

Advantages of using Signal Blasting

The drawbacks of using normal Signal to send out thousands of messages to thousands of mobile numbers are tiring, time consuming, and high risk of getting blocked by Signal. If your mobile number is very important to you, it is highly unlikely you want to expose your own mobile number to high risk of getting blocked by Signal. Hence, our Signal bot broadcast method protects your mobile number from getting blocked instead we use our own SIM cards to send out your promotional messages. These SIM cards are all Malaysia SIM cards. 

Secondly, we use Malaysia sim cards (+60 sender) to broadcast your Signal messages. It increases the familiarity and confidence in your Malaysia audiences to click on your promotional content. Lastly, our capacity in delivering high volume of Signal blasting is at 1.6 million of messages per month. We can complete your campaign delivery in 24 hours every time you launch a campaign.

Disadvantages of using Signal Blasting

One of the disadvantages is inability of replying to your audience when they ask something. We used thousands of sim cards to send out to the list of your mobile numbers. These thousands of sim cards are installed within our server, so there is no way to reply to the message to your interested audience. However, there is a workaround for this. We can insert the link within your promotional content so your interested audiences can contact you.

Secondly, when audiences receive your promotional Signal message, they are not able to click on it due to Signal limitation on new incoming messages to its users. Signal users can activate the link in your promotional message by replying to the very number they receive your promotional content. 

Signal Broadcast is slowly becoming a recognized advertising solution for individuals and companies. It has a high potential in reaching out to your targeted audiences and customers instantaneously. If you are planning to purchase Signal credits in bulk, you may contact us for a cheaper price per Signal credit. Our door is always open for negotiation so far.


Customize With Your Logo

Customize your panel with your logo/company name. We are using Malaysia SIM Cards to send out your Signal messages.

signal user dashboard

User Dashboard

Complete and comprehensive dashboard for you to launch your Signal campaign.

Random Malaysia Sim Card

Schedule Messages

Scaleable Signal Bot Broadcast

Fully Secure Database

Reach Audience Globally

No SIM Card Purchase

24 Hours Signal Blasting System

98% Deliverability Rate

24 Hours Auto Refund Signal Credits

Delivery Reports in 24 Hours

Support Different Message Formats

Responsive Support

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Signal Marketing

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Signal Marketing


105 Million Downloads

Signal ranked one of the top 10 most downloaded messaging mobile app in the Google play store & Apple app store. In January 2021, Signal hits its 105 million mark.

15 Billion Signal Messages Sent

Data shows that around 15 billion messages are shared every day by users. This massive figure does not include images, videos, and audio recordings and complies only with text messages.

525 Million Active Subscribers

There are 525 million active subscribers for us to reach with our personalized message. Moreover, people spend 28 minutes daily on Signal replying to colleagues, friends, and family.



5,000 Credits

US$ 150
  • US$0.03/credit
  • 1 Credit = Text + 1 Image
  • 98% Signal deliverability rate
  • Support text & image format only
  • Signal Campaign Scheduler
  • Import & Export Mobile Numbers
  • 0 SIM Card Purchase
  • Access to Signal Dashboard
  • Signal Report
  • No Expiry Date
  • Auto Refund Signal Credits
  • High Speed Blasting

10,000 Credits

US$ 260
  • US$0.026/credit
  • 1 Credit = Text + 1 Image
  • 98% Signal deliverability rate
  • Support text & image format only
  • Signal Campaign Scheduler
  • Import & Export Mobile Numbers
  • 0 SIM Card Purchase
  • Access to Signal Dashboard
  • Signal Report
  • No Expiry Date
  • Auto Refund Signal Credits
  • High Speed Blasting
Best Buy

50,000 Credits

US$ 1150
  • US$0.023/credit
  • 1 Credit = Text + 1 Image
  • 98% Signal deliverability rate
  • Support text & image format only
  • Signal Campaign Scheduler
  • Import & Export Mobile Numbers
  • 0 SIM Card Purchase
  • Access to Signal Dashboard
  • Signal Report
  • No Expiry Date
  • Auto Refund Signal Credits
  • High Speed Blasting

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Signal Broadcast

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There's more way to


Besides Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and etc, you can also use Signal to deliver your promotional message to laser targeted audiences.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. We send Signal messages to different countries. All you need to do is to enter your country code.

It will be displaying in random Malaysia mobile numbers. 

We will provide you an access to log into our web based portal where you can launched the campaign yourself. It is as easy as 123. 

Yes. You need to put country code at each of your mobile number which you are going to send out.

No. Your Signal credits will never expires.

No. All contents are eligible to use our service.

You don’t have to. System will automatically refund all Signal credits to you if it fails to send out messages due to non-Signal numbers. 

It will take one business day after the Signal campaign has been successfully completed.

We do not guarantee our delivery rate will be at 100%. However, we guarantee that our delivery rate will be at least 98%.  

Report will only be generated if you launch Signal campaign more than 100 numbers in a single campaign.

No. We only provide Signal marketing services. 

Yes. Indeed there are many competitors out there. However, not many competitors are having our features and speed of software development. Our special features such as upload your profile picture into every sim card before sending out your campaign, personalized your Signal message for each user, a 98% to 99% deliverability rate on Signal numbers, auto reply functions, and many more. 

Yes, we do. You can try our service with a demo account first. Once you have tried, you will notice how fast our Signal deliverability service is. 

No. Our report only shows which numbers have delivered successfully from our server and which report does not. However, we do not guarantee all number which has been delivered successfully will receive at the recipients’ end.

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"Even though sometimes there is a technical problem occurs, they still try to solve the problem within a certain timeframe and revert back to us."

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