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Enjoy an exclusively dedicated server broadcast solely for your company brand.

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Dedicated Blasting Server

You can own a dedicated blasting server for your company without having to share SIM cards with anyone. 

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You don't have to share the same SIM cards with other of our clients anymore.

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You don't need to wait for your turn to blast out your messages anymore. Hence, you can better control the time to blast out your message.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Branding

You can ensure your branding is always there whenever you do WhatsApp Marketing.

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Use Across All Channels

Your SIM cards can be used across all channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, Signal and many more.

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Dedicated Blasting Server

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Build your company brand by leveraging our dedicated server broadcast service.

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Besides Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and etc, you can also use LINE to deliver your promotional message to laser targeted audiences.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Basically we help you to install & configure with hundreds of SIM cards in a server. All these SIM cards will be configured with multiple IPs and proxies so that WhatsApp is not able to track which numbers did blasting action. 

Once you have owned this server, you will find that there are 100,000 credits in your account. These credits shows the number of SIM cards you have left before WhatsApp block the entire your entire SIM cards. Hence, you still need to replenish SIM cards from time to time. We do provide SIM cards replenishment service as well.

The costs involve are server maintenance fee, SIM cards cost, SIM cards installation & configuration cost, multi IPs & Proxies.

Yes. We send WhatsApp messages to different countries. All you need to do is to enter .

It will be displaying in random Malaysia mobile numbers. 

We will provide you an access to log into our web based portal where you can launched the campaign yourself. It is as easy as 123. 

Yes. You need to put country code at each of your mobile number which you are going to send out.

No. All contents are eligible to use our service.

You don’t have to. System will automatically refund all WhatsApp credits to you if it fails to send out messages due to non-WhatsApp numbers. 

It will take one business day after the WhatsApp campaign has been successfully completed.

We have 2 types of service. One with up to 90% delivery rate and another one is 100% delivery rate.

We do not guarantee all of your recipients will receive your message if you sign for up to 90% delivery rate package. As of 100% delivery rate, we only send based on our best effort basis (the maximum number of tries we can afford to help you to achieve close to 100% receive by your recipients) 

Report will only be generated if you launch LINE campaign more than 100 numbers in a single campaign.

No. We only provide WhatsApp marketing services. 

Yes. Indeed there are many competitors out there. However, not many competitors are having our features and speed of software development. Our special features such as upload your profile picture into every sim card before sending out your campaign, personalized your WhatsApp message for each user, a 100% deliverability rate on WhatsApp numbers, auto reply functions, and many more. 

Yes, we do. You can try our service with a demo account first. Once you have tried, you will notice how fast our WhatsApp deliverability service is. 

No. Our report only shows which numbers have delivered successfully from our server and which report does not. However, we do not guarantee all number which has been delivered successfully will receive at the recipients’ end.

"Their WhatsApp Marketing helps us to reach our intended audience in 24 hours."
"Their response time is very fast. They are very attentive to us."
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Edoc Com
"Even though sometimes there is a technical problem occurs, they still try to solve the problem within a certain timeframe and revert back to us."

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