How to blast message with Telegram?

Despite the fact that Telegram has a plethora of features, sending messages to Telegram group members can be time-consuming. There is no simple way to select all users at the same time and send out a message to them.

As a result, customized Telegram tools come to the rescue. Custom Telegram apps, bots, and scripts may effortlessly scrape information about target audiences from various groups of people. User segments can be created, and people can be targeted with automated direct messages.

As a result, in this article, we’ll show you how to send mass messages to Telegram group members in five different ways. With the help of these technologies, you may identify niche target audiences and get high open rates for your email communications.

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How to Message many Persons in Telegram?

Create a group with everyone you want to contact. Users can then join the group (adding them manually or sending an invite via link). After that, you can start messaging.

The issue with creating and using groups is that when you add users to them, they will receive notification that they must accept to be included in the group. If they decline the invitation, they will be excluded from the group. As long as you’re establishing a network of people who know you, this could be an effective method of contacting them. However, if you wish to send a Telegram blast message to a large number of users who may or may not know you, you should consider different channels.

Using an application like TexSender is undoubtedly a superior way to do Telegram marketing and swiftly reach a list of users. TexSender enables you to import a list of contacts (telephone numbers or a number of Telegram usernames, like @username), and once imported, you may compose and send a message to everyone.

Sending Bulk Messages to Telegram Users

Sending Bulk Messages to Telegram Users

Yaeris is the best cloud-based software for sending messages to a lot of people at once. It can send messages to each person individually as if you were doing it manually.

Telegram Auto-Forwarding

A Telegram bot that automatically forwards messages to many recipients. The bot can help run deals or automate Telegram marketing. It transmits messages from groups, channels, or individuals to chosen Telegram subscribers. It can also translate and personalize texts before sending.

Send to your Contacts

Import all of your phone numbers into your Telegram account by clicking on Import Contacts by Phone Numbers. Then, go to the tab “Send to your Contacts” in Yaeris to send the message to all of your phone numbers.

As you can see, Yaeris is very simple and easy to use. If you have a list of contacts (phone numbers or usernames) that you can enter into the program, you can then send the message you want. There is no limit to how many contacts you can import and how many contacts you want to get in touch with at the same time. Check to see if they are people who use Telegram. Otherwise, the program won’t be able to send them a text message.

Group Scraper is another tool in TexSender that lets you get the names of people who are part of a group. In this feature, you can only get the names of up to 200 people from a group.

“Add Members to your group” is another function in TexSender. This allows you to import a list of users and make adding members to your group faster. Your group will invite everyone who joins.

PC Telegram Bulk Messaging

PC Telegram Bulk Messaging

Send bulk messages to Telegram group or channel members with Telegram Sender for Windows. With one click, you may message all your Telegram contacts. Users can be added manually or via a file.

It extracts all users’ IDs from groups, whether you’re the admin or not. This is a terrific technique to sell to your competitors’ group members.

Android Bulk Message Sender

Android Bulk Message Sender

PackGram is a free app for Android phone that allows you to transmit large quantities of Telegram messages. You can look for Telegram groups that interest you, compose a message that is tailored to each member, and send it to each member individually.

All members of your Telegram group will receive your promotional message with a single tap. You can also obtain information on the users who have received your message.

Explore New Market

You can reach a new or untapped market with this system’s broadcasting capabilities. As an example, you could send out a flyer in a text and image format to people you don’t know. For customers who send Telegram blasts to the Telegram IDs of their customers, we have a delivery rate of over 90%. You don’t have to worry about your phone number being blocked or banned from any of the contact numbers.

Mobile Advertiser

The best approach to keep in touch with clients in today’s world is via mobile phones. Nowadays, most people prefer texting to calling. Thus, promotional messages sent via Telegram help firms contact more customers. All links in your content can be clicked, which is great for businesses looking to increase traffic.

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

The Telegram Blasting System helps your clients build strong relationships with their customers. Businesses that routinely send out flyers will gain notoriety. The more you send, the more the customer knows your brand, the more sales you may get. All Telegram Users are prospective customers. You must quickly engage the Blasting and inform them of your existence.


When it comes to reaching out to your target market, Telegram bulk messaging is a cost-effective and efficient option. It is one of the most straightforward methods of promoting your products and services. Custom tools allow you to swiftly extract user information and send bulk messages to Telegram group members utilizing Telegram’s messaging platform.

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