How To Increase Conversion Rate For LINE Marketing?

The conversion rate reflects the frequency with which a user takes action after viewing an advertisement or utilizing another digital asset. Your marketing strategy describes the actions you intend to take. Typically, the next step is to click on a second link, download content, or sign up for a retailer’s email list to receive coupons and discounts. The conversion rate is defined as the number of conversions per one thousand clicks. The more your ability to persuade consumers to purchase from you online, the more effective your online marketing will be.

Tracking conversions is essential for any company using digital marketing to grow since it indicates why some customers purchase from you while others do not and what happens when visitors abandon products in their carts after clicking on a Facebook advertisement. Using web analytics and conversion monitoring tools like Google Analytics, you may discover more about your website’s visitors and prospective clients.

One thing that business owners worry about is how their decisions will affect their profits. Not only does a higher conversion rate bring in more customers, but it also cuts down on the amount of money spent on advertising. So, it’s smart to know what a conversion rate is, how to measure it, and how to improve it. Conversion rate optimization is only one of many ways to bring in more money.

The most essential point to keep in mind is that it is possible for anyone to feel better. In addition, you can improve your conversion rate through the process of conversion rate optimization (CRO). To put this another way, it involves determining why your website or content is not functioning properly and coming up with a solution to fix it.

Here are a few ways you can assess your content to optimize the conversion rate.

Choose the behavior you want to test


How interested are you in gaining an understanding of your current patterns of spending? mailing list signups? Click-through rates for email marketing? Focus on just one variable, or your results won’t make sense and will be hard to understand.

Find out where the users of your site are going once they leave it

When conducting research and analysis, Google Analytics and other technologies should both be effectively utilized. Analytics and other technologies should both be effectively utilized. Customers are leaving their shopping carts alone at stores. It’s possible that they’re having problems getting to their shopping carts.

Create a list of all the potential solutions to the issue that you can think of. It’s possible that the “Add to Cart” button on your site needs to be a bit more prominent or visible.

Determine how many modifications you wish to test simultaneously and which you wish to test initially. You could start with the ones that are easiest to do or that could have the biggest effect. 

Decide how long you’ll run the experiment

This will be completely reliant on the typical conversion rate. Let the trial run for a month if you need around a week to see some conversions. Verify that your findings have a statistically significant explanation.

It’s fine to repeat this procedure as many times as necessary to reach the desired exchange rate. You may test a variety of different aspects of a website, like headings, subheadings, links to social networks, and call-to-action buttons. Even within these broad groups, you can experiment with other elements, such as font size, color, button location, background color, and so on.

Tips to boost conversions

boost conversion

Try a more engaging tone.

To get people to do what you want, try a more engaging tone. The use of “purchase” or “join” are examples of action verbs that compel readers to take action. Alternatively, you might put yourself in the shoes of your site visitors and compose the calls to action in their own words, such as “Yes, register here!” This may capture their interest and cause them to feel more at ease when visiting your website.

Put in reviews and comments from customers


Research reveals that the vast majority of buyers trust both internet evaluations and referrals from friends and family just as much. These make your goods or service look less harmful because they show that your organization cares about customer service. Add them to the home page of your website and the page where users sign up for your email list.

Make sure a link to sign up for your email


Make sure a link to sign up for your email list or “purchase now” is above the fold. Put it right where your users can see it. This will make consumers more likely to take action right away instead of waiting until the end of your blog post or landing page.

Keep the number of required fields to a minimum

All you have to do to encourage more people to sign up for your email list is ask for their email addresses and, if you want to get fancy, their names as well. Users may become frustrated with repeated form-field requests.

Make your own unique landing pages

design unique landing page

Make sure that your paid advertising initiatives have their own unique landing pages. When readers click on these links, they typically have certain objectives in mind as they do so. You need to make sure that it can be reached without much difficulty.

Come up with incentives

come out with promotion

Different ones work for different groups, so you may need to test out a couple, such as bonus downloads, emailed coupons, and even free webinars. A/B testing your offers is a great way to figure out what kind of promotion your customers respond to best. Customer surveys can also be used to learn which types of incentives are most effective. 


In conclusion, everything boils down to these 2 crucial metrics, traffic & order.

Conversion rate for traffic

  • Number of clicks / Total Impression x 100%

Conversion rate for purchase

  • Number of orders /  Total clicks x 100%

As long as you work to improve Total Impression, Number of clicks, Number of orders & Conversion rate, you will see your goal achieves consistently.

A higher conversion rate is good for your marketing ROI. Having a high conversion rate is beneficial to your bottom line, regardless of how much traffic you currently receive. If you want to enhance conversion rates in a methodical manner, the aforementioned tactics are an excellent place to begin. Bear in mind, however, that some of these are more likely to prove beneficial to your company than others. Define your objectives, collect data, and do regular objective testing to learn what your target audience prefers. If you are looking for good ROI for LINE marketing, you can consider trying LINE blasting provided by Yaeris.