How to earn money with LINE broadcast?

You are more than welcome to give LINE Sales a try, even if you have a hard time making sales over the phone or through email and are interested in doing so. This article examines the traditional approaches to conducting business as well as LINE’s and LINE’s own sales procedures in their respective fields.

Use LINE Official Account for Sales

use line official account for sales

More than 183 million people use LINE each month, making it one of the most popular instant messaging programs worldwide. Its popularity is particularly high in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. If your clients are located in Japan, using LINE is the most efficient way to communicate with them.

Why you should take advantage of the messaging service provided by LINE Instead, sales—which is extensively used in Asia, is beneficial for businesses of any size and can be accessed by messaging whenever it is convenient for the user.

Why You Should Use LINE for Sales If You Want to Make More Money Selling on LINE?

use line broadcast to increase sales

Customers are more likely to respond when you talk to them using an app that they are currently using, which speeds up the sales process. Because sending and receiving instant messages feels very much like having a conversation, it’s another great method to get to know someone on a more personal level.

Official accounts are available for businesses on LINE, allowing them to differentiate between personal accounts and those belonging to their companies. Customers who do business with you on a regular basis will notice that your firm has a good reputation in the industry. Your credibility will increase as a result, and you will acquire their trust.

LINE Sales

line sales

It is possible to increase sales from existing customers by providing those consumers with products that are customized specifically for them depending on the information they provide.

Bring in customers who are purchasing from you for the first time to boost the number of repeat customers.

Official accounts on LINE function in the same way as personal accounts but have access to additional features. You are not restricted to sending text, images, videos, or audio with them. You also have the ability to send coupons, rich messages, and broadcasts.

Because they are more effective at getting people’s attention, communications that are engaging are more likely to elicit a favorable response from the recipients of such messages. When selling a property, for instance, it can be helpful to provide prospective purchasers with a video tour of the home to excite their interest in the property.

Sell on LINE

line shopping sales

In order for a customer to start a discussion with a LINE official account, the customer must send the first message. You will be unable to import any previous contacts into your official account. This calls for the establishment of a contact list right from the beginning.

Thankfully, LINE has a variety of tools and features that make it easier to meet new people and expand one’s social circle. Include the following with your promotional content to make it easier for customers to get in touch with you:

  • Website buttons
  • LINE ads
  • Chat links
  • In-app search
  • QR codes

Sales Cycle with Automation

Sales Cycle with Automation

Customers who contact a business via instant messenger have come to expect a quick response time and will look elsewhere if they are kept waiting longer than they anticipated. In order to better manage the expectations of your customers, you should program automatic responses that either welcome them or warn them that you are now unavailable.

Automated Workflows are able to determine which sales funnel or route a contact fits in by automating lead qualification, routing, and customer assignment.

Add Friends

You should access people who have the potential to become your future users and provide them with the “add friend” ad. You should also access individuals who are comparable and who are frequently active.

Targeting customers who have never made a purchase from you in the past is an efficient way to bring in new clients to take advantage of the time-sensitive offer.

When advertising a product through the LINE Ads network, reaching out to people who have never bought anything from the advertiser before is one of the best ways to quickly grow the client base. 

Customers with Contact Merge and Tags

The vast majority of people who use messaging applications have more than one installed on their mobile devices. It is possible that they have utilized various methods in the past to get in touch with you, which makes it difficult to keep track of talks between the two of you.

When you sell online chats and merge contacts, you can get information about the customers, including who they are.

If you combine their contact information and conversation history from all of the different channels, you will be able to recognize an existing customer no matter how they contacted you.

Tags can also be used to create comprehensive profiles of your consumers, allowing you to gain additional insight into them. You can categorize your consumers, for instance, according to what they enjoy, how much money they have, or how big your business is, so that salespeople immediately know how to communicate with them about the products or services they offer.


LINE Broadcast offers a wide variety of lucrative business opportunities. To encourage more people to purchase your goods, one strategy is to advertise them. You may also make money by providing excellent service to your existing customers, which will inspire them to make additional purchases from you. It will result in a revenue increase for your company. Make an effort to communicate with new kinds of people who might end up becoming consumers. Create and provide your clients with information that will be beneficial to them, and keep them informed about the most recent bargains that are available.