Benefits of using LINE Broadcast for your business

In March 2020, LINE made the decision to create a new business account and integrate its existing business offerings. Now, anyone who already has a LINE account can create a LINE business account in order to communicate with customers and carry out marketing activities. It simplifies the process of marketing a brand on LINE for all types of businesses, including large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, and even freelancers.

line for businesses

The LINE business account is distinct from the standard LINE account in that it grants users the ability to simultaneously send a greater number of messages. Users who are part of corporations can safeguard their privacy and maintain a clear distinction between their professional and personal lives by maintaining separate accounts for their businesses and their personal lives. Additionally, the LINE business account can be used on multiple platforms at the same time, in addition to the fact that it can sync with more than one individual. Connecting your LINE business account to the Messaging API is another way to improve how well you can take care of your customers.

Here are some of the advantages of LINE for your business. 

Reach your followers easily

reach follower easily

Through the use of LINE LIVE, you can easily communicate with the people who follow you on LINE by sending them messages, photos, videos, and live streams. They will be told in a way that is similar to how they are told when a friend or family member sends them a message. 

Reach 100% of your brand’s audience

You are able to communicate with every member of your target audience with just one click when you use broadcasting; consequently, you won’t have to be concerned about the possibility that your content will not be viewed by prospective clients.

View sales increased immediately

increase sales

Broadcasting allows you to increase sales, and if your company sells its products through LINE or has an online storefront, buyers can interact with you through chat or by clicking on links to make purchases during your broadcasts.

LINE Key Features

line key features

On your LINE business account, you have the ability to set up an automatic response, which will allow you to respond to clients whenever they contact you. Customers receive accurate responses from the automated response system because it recognizes the context of their inquiries and the keywords contained within them. You are able to go back and forth between artificial intelligence and a human person in the LINE chat box at any time. You may rely on AI to automatically respond to straightforward and simple inquiries posed by customers. You have the option of switching to manual chat whenever someone asks you a question that is either difficult or personal. This will allow you to respond immediately to the question.

Send messages to broadcast lists

When you have more than one hundred friends, you will have the ability to set up friend filter parameters and establish audience groupings in order to determine who your clients are. When sending messages to a large group, you have the option of including the broadcast list or excluding it entirely. This function allows you to deliver information only to those individuals who have indicated an interest in receiving it, as opposed to sending messages at random to everyone. Your marketing will be more successful as a result of this.

Find out how people use the broadcast list feature on different platforms!

If you link LINE to Yaeris, you’ll have the ability to add tags to your LINE business account depending on information such as the names of customers, their birthdays, and their ages. It can assist you in organizing your clients into a variety of broadcast lists so that you can send them consistent marketing communications.

Multiple logins for one account

It would be problematic if a single individual were responsible for responding to all of the inquiries from customers. You are able to log in to your LINE business account multiple times, allowing many employees or representatives to simultaneously monitor chats and respond to customer inquiries. In addition to this, it helps businesses make better use of their human resources and prevents them from “missing replies” to clients during times of high volume.

After successfully connecting to oChats, all of the members of your team will be able to utilize oChats to simultaneously log in to the LINE business account. The management can give each employee a variety of jobs and responsibilities so that the employees can work more efficiently and give the company’s clients better service. 

Extension for the Mobile

The mobile version of Line is a great addition to the PC version of the game. One of the many good things about this system is that it can be changed. You could, for example, start the chat on your phone and then if you want to, move it to your computer at a later time.

Set up a business location

Businesses can set up chat tools to work the way they want, as well as turn on location settings so that customers can find stores near them. Plugins can be used to add digital loyalty cards, menus or product lists, delivery or appointment options, and more.

Provide customer service

Line’s status as a messaging app has made it an essential tool for many of the companies that use the platform to communicate with and assist their clients. Administrators of accounts have the ability to disable chat, program responses to be sent automatically, tag conversations so that they can be organized into distinct categories, and maintain a record of client preferences and past activity. Group conversations on Line also support the addition of Line Official Accounts as participants.

There are a variety of technologies available for customer service, such as chatbots developed by Streamchat Enterprise. These technologies allow for a less hands-on approach. These bots are compatible with the use of Facebook Messenger as well as Line. Additionally, they connect directly to the dashboard of Hootsuite, allowing you to manage any inquiries from customers from a centralized location.


LINE Business official account has many useful features for businesses. LINE users are deeply integrated with LINE’s ecosystem which increases the stickiness of the LINE users. Because of this reason, it leads to better ad performance within the LINE ecosystem. Let us know if you need help with the LINE ad.