Why is LINE Marketing so important?

LINE was first released in 2011 as a messaging app. Since then, it has grown into a digital platform with many different features and services, such as LINE messenger, an Official Account, News, Shopping, and more. With the goal of “becoming the life infrastructure for users,” LINE has become a part of many aspects of Japanese users’ daily lives. According to a new survey, 85 percent of LINE MAUs use the network every day, and 39.6 percent of users choose LINE over other social platforms. In other words, LINE may be a good way for marketers to keep in touch with customers during the whole buying process, and it can’t be done on any other social media platform.

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One of the most effective digital channels for advertising targeting the Malaysian market is LINE, among the various options available to brand marketers. They facilitate the dissemination of information and the development of client connections, and they do so with 10 million monthly active users and a plethora of features. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the LINE’s most useful functions and discuss how your business might put them to use.

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LINE is extremely popular in Japan, so the firm has a wealth of information about its users, including their gender, age, and occupation. This implies that it has the potential to attract a new audience for brands and companies to tap into.

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Do businesses use LINE for marketing?

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Over the course of the past few years, LINE has exerted a great deal of effort toward the goal of transforming its expansive ecosystem into a one-stop shop for enterprises. It has done this by adding a lot of new features and functions that help companies and marketers give their customers better service. oChats is one of the messaging software which allows the company to connect their LINE official business account.

LINE Official Account

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Through LINE Official Accounts, companies may expand their app’s visibility and engage with their target demographic in a manner comparable to that of users’ interactions with their personal friends. There are around three million Official Accounts in Japan as of 2022. Companies from a wide variety of sectors are represented in these accounts.

Marketers can utilize additional potent features, like rich messages, timeline posts, rich menus, and auto-replies to messages, to foster consumer loyalty and lasting interactions. Permitting in-person purchases, providing directions to stores, and disseminating discount codes all fall under this category. GAP’s Official Account served as an omnichannel touchpoint where customers could create accounts, make service reservations, learn about the company’s online shops, and more.

LINE Talk Head View

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With the most recent update to the LINE app, businesses now have the ability to place banner advertisements or videos at the very top of the app’s conversation feed. Over 65 million people use it on a daily basis, and since it is the most popular, as much as 90 percent of people between the ages of 15 and 29 also use it. Implementing this feature needs to be a company’s top priority if it has the intention of rapidly increasing consumers’ familiarity with its brand or product.

LINE Points

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Users are able to earn and spend points within the LINE network with the help of LINE POINTS, which is a loyalty program. After that, you may put these points toward purchases in the LINE app shop, where you can get stuff like sticker collections and themes for your app.

This function can also be used by companies to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by offering incentives to users who perform certain actions, such as completing an online survey, referring new followers, placing a purchase, etc. The engagement of customers and the number of sales made by a company can both greatly benefit from this strategy.

Promotional stickers

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The fact that LINE comes with a variety of sticker sets that may be utilized within direct messages is among its many strong points. There are stickers available on LINE that anyone can use, but many businesses also develop their own stickers in order to expand their brand and get more people interested in them. This is a popular method of growth hacking that many businesses use. Users can download a brand’s stickers in exchange for becoming friends on the brand’s Official Account. By utilizing this feature five times to distribute sponsored stickers.


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Because of the large organic presence of the platform, it should not come as much of a surprise that LINE Ads is a key component of how people purchase media. To help businesses get the most exposure possible, LINE has been making more and more advertising space available throughout the platform.

In addition, the targeting tools provided by LINE make it possible for companies to engage with customers based on variables such as their demographics, interests, and previous purchases. There are many different marketing goals that may be accomplished by retargeting and targeting audiences that are similar to one another.


LINE also provides a variety of other helpful services that may be obtained by individuals as well as businesses. Because LINE is in the digital marketing industry and because it is always expanding, it is essential to be aware of the latest prospects it has to offer.

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