How To Broadcast Bulk Messages With Telegram?

Because Telegram is functionality, it can be difficult to send mass messages to Telegram group members. There is no simple way to broadcast a message to all users at once.

Thus, customized Telegram applications come to the rescue. Custom Telegram applications, bots, and scripts may easily extract audience information from various groups. Users can be segmented and sent automated direct messages.

Therefore, this post provides five methods for sending mass messages to Telegram group members. Using these methods, you can locate niche audiences and get high message open rates.

Now let us dive in.

Why do businesses use Telegram to send bulk messages?

Telegram marketing is a cheap way to get the word out about your business to the people you want to reach. Even though people don’t like being sold to right now, you can still reach out to them. Some of the benefits of sending a lot of messages at once with Telegram are:

  • Send out any type of promotional content to your recipients with costs that are lower than running paid ad.
  • Reach out to your recipient directly without any medium globally
  • Always keep your recipients engaged with new contents
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Increase your sales
  • Many more

Messages sent on Telegram go straight to the people who use it. It speeds up growth on its own and brings in leads quickly.

6 tips to send a lot of messages to users in a Telegram group

Here are 6 ways to use Telegram’s tools for sending a lot of messages at once.

1. With a Chrome extension, you can send a lot of Telegram messages

telegram chrome extension

One of the easiest ways to send a lot of messages to Telegram group members is to use the BulkTele Chrome extension. You can easily send marketing messages to Telegram group members by scraping their usernames.

It can also help you get the usernames of people in other groups and invite them all at once to your own. It is the best extension for Telegram marketing users who want to grow.

2. Telegram bulk messages for Android users

telegram android bulk messages

PackGram is a free Android application for sending mass Telegram messages. You can search for relevant Telegram groups, create a personalized message, and send it to each member separately.

All Telegram group members receive your promotional message with a single touch. You can also obtain information about the recipients of your letter.

3. User Telegram Bulk Sender Bot

vUser Telegram Bulk Sender Bot

The vUser Telegram Bulk sender Bot is another great tool that can help you advertise on Telegram. This bot is a permanent software program that you install on your Windows system. It can automatically send direct messages to an Excel list of people’s IDs or mobile numbers in Telegram, or add these people to your group. Another great thing about this bot is that it can pull IDs from Telegram groups. This way, the bot can keep giving you a list of Telegram IDs for your target audience.

With this bot, you can advertise in a way that is both effective and cheap, since you don’t have to pay extra for each add, extraction, or message.

4. Telegram bulk message auto forwarder

Telegram bulk message auto forwarder

Auto forwarder Telegram bot is another way to send the same message to more than one Telegram user. People who need to run deals or automate their Telegram marketing can get a lot out of this bot.

It takes messages from groups, channels, or single users and sends them to other Telegram users who have been chosen. It can also translate and change messages before sending them on.

5. Telegram bulk message for PC

Telegram bulk message for PC

Telegram Sender is a program for Windows PCs that lets you send a large number of messages to members of a Telegram group or channel. You can send a message to all the Telegram users you have with just one click. You can either add users by hand or bring them in from a file.

It lets you get the user ID of every user in a group, even if you’re not the admin. So, Telegram Sender is a great way to market to people in groups that your business competes with.

6. Python to send bulk messages on Telegram

Python to send bulk messages on Telegram

Using custom Python scripts is another way to send a lot of messages on Telegram. Here’s one from GitHub that lets you send messages with the Telegram Desktop app. To send your message with this script, you’ll need an Excel sheet with all the Telegram usernames.

Once everything is set up, all you have to do is log into Telegram Desktop and run the script. The script takes the information from the Excel sheet and sends the message to each user in turn.

7. Telegram bot broadcast

WhatsApp & Telegram Panel

Telegram Bot Broadcast is a cloud-based application which allows you to submit a new Telegram campaign and manage your account. This application is connected to blasting servers. Once you have submitted a campaign to the server, our server will start to send out 1 message at a time. Everything in the backend is automated by server. The SLA level of completing every campaign is 24 hours.

A couple of things to remember

If you use Telegram bulk messaging in a smart way, you can build a warm and respectful relationship with your customers. It can be used to talk about new products or services. Try not to send anything that could be considered spam, though. Sending spam would hurt your business and hurt your reputation.


You may create a cordial and considerate relationship with your customers if you use Telegram’s group messaging service intelligently. It can be utilized to discuss new products and services. However, avoid sending anything that could be considered spam. Sending spam would be detrimental to your business and reputation.

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