How To Increase Your Revenue With Telegram Spammer Bot?

This article will start earning money from your bot using Boter, Paquebot & Yaeris to target adverts on your Telegram spammer bot. You will be able to monetize your audience and earn actual money in your bank or PayPal account.

So, we’ve put out ChatBot Recommendations and ads that talk to you. We work with over 1,800 chatbot developers and publishers who publish contextual ads and, of course, make money while they do it. These people want more users or want to promote their brand.

Install Boter on Paquebot

Without Paquebot (Telegram spammer bot), you’ll have to come up with a way to monetize your site on your own. In the absence of Boter, you’ll have to conduct your search for bot sponsors entirely by hand, without the assistance of any analytical software.

monetize your website with Telegram spammer bot

Because Paquebot works seamlessly with Boter, you can develop your own bot and begin receiving money without having to write any code, set up a web server, or pay fees. Fortunately,

  • Use @Paquebot on Telegram to build a bot if you don’t already have one. You don’t need to know how to code to use it.
  • Open your Paquebot bot and use the “/boter” command on it directly if you have one. Everything is pre-installed, and a URL to connect to Boter’s online interface is included in the installation package.
  • Change your bot if it isn’t on Paquebot.

Descriptions Of Telegram Spammer Bot

Boter, Telegram spammer bot will search the web for highly specific deals, which you can then distribute to your consumers. For each user who completes an action, the quality of that action is what matters, and you’ll get paid for it (install an app, answer a survey, etc).

Because of this, if you want your subscribers to click on the offers, you need to make sure you choose offers that they’ll be interested in.

Get your money back

You must first enter your payment information on the bot monetization page in order to use Boter’s monetization feature. If you don’t have time to remember your bank account information, PayPal is the best option for you.

new user account

Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll have to wait for the offers to be gathered. In my instance, it was ready in less than 1 hour.

Select an available deal

Is there anything on the bot monetization page for you? Wow, that’s fantastic! The service is now available, so let’s get started

I have a lot of options to choose from, and I must make a decision. When deciding on an offer, consider the following factors:

Remember that if your users take action, you get paid. Sending an offer that is relevant to your content is essential. Don’t propose games for babies if your bot is about Metal music; no one will open your suggestion.

If the targeted region is Canada, and your users are in Australia, they may not be able to take advantage of this offer.

Bloom Beach is a well-known Android game; therefore I’ve decided to focus my efforts on it. The preview URL allows me to see where my visitors will be redirected.

select deal

Adjust the wording, add an icon, and so on to make your offer more interesting.  Adding depth to your material will help your audience better understand what they’re signing up for.

Before pressing “Send,” uploaded an image and described its contents using the preview content’s descriptions.

bot in telegram spammer bot

The checklist for making money

Get more people to sign up and keep them there:

  • Don’t just think about making money. It’s better to have 10,000 people who each make $0.01 a week (roughly $400 a month) than 10,000 people who each make $0.01 a day (roughly $300 a month).

Send only offers that relate to the topic of your bot:

  • If your bot doesn’t like any of the offers, don’t send anything. People will leave your bot, but no one will help you get money.

Watch where you put things:

  • On Boter, where you are is very important. Send offers to the Russian market if you have a bot that speaks Russian. If you send an offer for the Brazilian market, you won’t get credit for your user actions.

Between offers, you should always:

  • The things you write are very important. As usual, send out your broadcasts. Your offers shouldn’t be the first thing people see when they visit your site. I’d suggest not sending more than one offer every 10 messages.
  • Put some of your money back into promoting your bot. Don’t keep all of the money for yourself. You can use that money to promote your bot on other social networks. Let’s make Telegram bigger, together! Bots are new, and new people are using them every second, so it’s good to be at the front of this market of the future.

Telegram Bot Broadcast

You can also explore Yaeris, a Telegram blasting provider. They provide a high delivery rate, 98% – 99%. Hence, you can rest assure that your message will almost receive by your recipients at all times. You can only upload Telegram user ID into Yaeris blasting system instead of uploading phone numbers.

WhatsApp & Telegram Panel


You can now make money with your bot, which is fantastic! It used to be a friendly place to talk, but now it’s a place to make money.

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