How does Telegram bot with auto send message works?

Telegram channels are essential for sending messages to what seems like an infinite number of people. As for Telegram Groups, which can have up to 180,000 members and are still growing, they serve a similar purpose, but members can talk to each other directly.

It can be hard to keep track of Telegram channels and groups on your own. If you want to keep your followers for a long time, you need to put out new content regularly. Some channels choose to send out content from other channels and groups in addition to making their own unique content. This is a labor of love, as you might expect. Building your own Telegram bot to automate the process is the smart thing to do.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a Telegram bot that will automatically share interesting content from Twitter, YouTube, VK, and your RSS feed with your legion of subscribers and members. All signs point to this being better than sharing this stuff in person.

Install Telegram on desktop

Install Telegram on desktop

  • You can use any web browser, like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc., to go to the official Telegram website.
  • To start downloading the Telegram App, click the “INSTALL” button on the page.
  • The download will begin automatically while you are redirected to the Windows app on the Microsoft Store.
  • The Telegram app will be installed in about two to three minutes after the download is done. It will then show up on the Start menu’s list of programs.
  • Click the icon for the Telegram app to open it. When you open the Telegram app, you’ll see an option to “START MESSAGING” to sign in to your Telegram account. Click the “START MESSENGER” button to get to the window for logging in.

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Link Your Communication App to One Platform

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oChats software allows you to integrate all of your company’s different communication channels. After that, you’ll be able to control all incoming and outgoing chat messages from a single platform.

Your Telegram Bot Comes to Life

To establish a chatbot on Telegram, you must contact the BotFather, a bot whose sole purpose is to generate other bots.

The command required to create your bot is /newbot, which leads to the following steps:

  1. Create Telegram channel

create telegram channel

    • Go to the Telegram mobile or desktop app
    • Select ‘New Channel’
    • Enter your Channel’s name (optionally, its description).
    • Make it public or private, depending on what you want to do with it.
  1. Create a Telegram Bot message

Create a Telegram Bot message

BotFather is a Telegram bot that provides you with the ability to manage all of the bots you create from within your Telegram account.

This is where you start making new bots and managing the ones you already have. So, this is where we’re going next.

  • Input Botfather into the search bar of Telegram. Clicking it will launch the bot.
  • Enter the command /newbot to create a new bot.
  • choose a username for your new bot
  • After finishing, you will obtain an HTTP API token.

Utilize oChats.io to automate your Telegram Group postings.

telegram posting

Now that we have a bot that is functional, we will employ a second bot in order to complete the procedure more quickly. @oChatsbot, your channel will be linked to the bot that was created by oChats.io on your behalf. If you follow these procedures, your tweets and videos will be automatically uploaded to YouTube and your RSS feed.

  • Open oChats.io.
  • You can make your first bot with the addbot command. 
  • Botfather has already helped us make a new bot, so you can skip this step.
  • Click the button that says “I’ve copied the API token.” Copy and paste the token that Botfather gave you when you made your bot.
  • Once the token has been accepted, you can either write a short description of your bot or skip this step.
  • Now, your bot is done! Choose “Send New Post to Subscribers” from the drop-down menu.


Telegram is not only a way to reach, target, and keep in contact with potential customers, but it is also a powerful tool for automating customer support services and optimizing various processes in order to reduce the amount of manual labor that is required. If you’re interested in building a Telegram bot for your company, head over to Yaeris as soon as possible.