How to send mass WhatsApp messages?

Sending mass messages has always been seen as a great option for small and large businesses that use the different versions of WhatsApp. This is because it lets them quickly send messages to all of their customers with promotions, important information, and information about special events.

This feature is very appealing, and clients at Yaeris Digital Services ask us every day if we use it so they can use it in their own activities. This article’s goal is to show you how to use mass Whatsapp messages to send a lot of text messages.

Mass messages are a type of communication and dissemination that is used to find, keep, spread, and promote a product, service, or anything else we want to get the word out about. Thousands of businesses use this feature to quickly tell a large number of users about their services, products, and deals. This kind of campaign can be done in a number of ways, but email is the most common.

In fact, WhatsApp lets you send messages to a group of people by making a list of people you want to send the message to.

A WhatsApp marketing tool is a piece of software that lets you use your own WhatsApp number to send a lot of messages. It has many features, such as a sim card rotation sequence and the ability to send WhatsApp messages without having to log into WhatsApp every time you want to start a WhatsApp blast campaign. Many people want to be paid to download this program. At Yaeris Digital Services give away the same software for free. There are no costs at all

Here’s how to use WhatsApp to send a message to everyone.

  1. Go to WhatsApp
  2. Tap ‘More Options’ (the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner) and then ‘New Broadcast’ on the ‘Chats’ screen.
  3. On the next broadcast screen, you’ll be asked to find or choose contacts.
  4. Select recipients by tapping the “Add” button (plus sign). Use the search to quickly limit your connections.
  5. After choosing all of the contacts, press “Done” (the green checkmark in the lower right corner) and then “Create.”


Send massive messages with Yaeris

Yaeris Digital Services has also just added the ability to send a lot of messages at once through WhatsApp. This lets our customers who use the WhatsApp Business API reach out to a large number of subscribers.

The biggest difference between broadcast messages sent with WhatsApp API and regular broadcast messages (which you can send for free with the WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Business) is that you can send a pre-written message to all senders who haven’t saved your company number in their address book. Then, the message will be sent to everyone on the mailing list. As a result, it will be possible to communicate with a large number of people (there is no limit of 256 contacts per sending) and successfully advertise the company’s goods and services.

To send a broadcast, you must be a Yaeris customer with an active WhatsApp API account. Next, you’ll need to fill out this short form. Once we get it, a member of our team will get in touch with you soon to tell you how much the service costs and set up shipping.

Delivery of messages to several recipients

Delivery of messages to several recipients

You can simply send several messages to a number of people or even groups when you use the forwarding feature. Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to WhatsApp
  • On the Chats screen, you can tap the contact you want to send the message to, type or copy and paste your message, and then tap the send button.
  • Open the message and hold down the select button while opening it. You can choose as many messages as you want, including ones with pictures and videos.
  • After making a choice, tap the icon that looks like a forwarding arrow (the curved arrow pointing to the right).
  • Then, choose the groups, people, and contacts you want to send the message to from the list of recently used chats. 
  • After choosing the contacts, click “Done.”


Broadcast message feature

Broadcast message feature

With WhatsApp, you can simultaneously reach up to 256 contacts with a single message. With WhatsApp’s Broadcast function, you may instantly notify all of your contacts with the same message.

Each message in a broadcast can receive a response. Your conversations will update to reflect each new message that is sent in response.

WhatsApp broadcasts allow you to deliver messages to a large audience just as easily as you would to an individual. Multiple individuals can receive your messages, photographs, documents, contacts, and location all at once.

Complete WhatsApp Blaster Solution

WhatsApp button

Companies like Yaeris can help you send the messages through their blasting services. You have to pay for every SMS you send.

Everyone is aware of what WhatsApp is. It is a free smartphone application that allows you to send instantaneous WhatsApp messages in bulk to all subscribers. Text, photos, files, movies, and more can be sent. This incredible application allows us to save money on monthly SMS costs.

With more than 2 billion active users globally using WhatsApp as their primary means of everyday communication, a new possibility presents itself. We may utilize WhatsApp to distribute your promotional content to the appropriate audiences.

WhatsApp Blaster is the app. It is a type of advertising that involves delivering a promotional message to a list of targeted recipients in order to promote promotional material.



When more customers are within reach with just a few taps, marketing can be a really straightforward process. WhatsApp has evolved into the most lucrative means to communicate with a larger number of clients, and it possesses extensive possibilities for sending mass messages.

If you are attempting to market your business on WhatsApp, you should make use of the chat marketing software available through Yaeris Digital Services to take your company to the next level.