How to Use WhatsApp Spam as Tool for Marketing

WhatsApp offers you a more personal conversation with your customers as its ad free. You can send across the pitch directly in their inboxes and information about products they might have purchased from you such as delivery date, invoice etc. All this being said Facebook owns WhatsApp; therefore, we should recognize how powerful this platform has become by looking at its statistics: 1600 million people use WhatsApp worldwide (including 500+ active user accounts within India) which amounts to over half of one percent population-wide and makes messaging via mobile phone an important aspect today’s social media landscape.


You can use WhatsApp’s group chat feature to form targeted friendships. This means that only those people who interact positively with your content will be in the group, giving you an exclusive opportunity for feedback and interaction. When reaching out through text messages or multimedia message types like GIFS videos audios etc., we recommend communicating via voice call if at all possible because it is built into this app but don’t worry about being too distant from customer base while they’re browsing online; there are ways around being cut off entirely thanks so much its multi-device compatibility which allows users access anywhere.


The many features of WhatsApp make it a great marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. A key feature is group chats, which allow you to create focused groups with only those contacts who interact positively in your content this way there’s no need whatsoever spend time responding or dealing directly with people negativity and you can just ignore them. While reaching out through text messages may seem simpler than ever before given today’s instant technology culture, we’re not recommending solely relying on these for most communications channels because even though they have been around since 2009 so too has multimedia messaging including GIF files videos audios etc.

Tips & Tricks

Group Chat

If you want to send the same message or photo in a group chat? You can easily use this feature. Create new groups and add relevant contacts, then text them all at once.



Whether you’re announcing something important that’s happening soon, sharing an incredible coupon code for 10% off your purchase of choice (that will be valid only until tomorrow), letting everyone know about some big event coming up—you might want these messages broadcasted across different circles so they are seen by many people who may not otherwise hear from me personally due to their location.



WhatsApp for marketing is a great way to reach customers with your company’s contact details. However, manually sharing this card on the app has limited potential because there are so many users from other countries who might not know how valuable it can be as well There’s no need to lose time by doing something that doesn’t work if you have access online – simply set up an ad campaign through Google Ads or Facebook ads manager or both then upload documents in PDF format directly onto their website page where they will immediately begin generating leads based off demographics.

branding via whatsapp


Use WhatsApp spam as a form of marketing tool.

WhatsApp spam is a unique and powerful way to reach your audience. There are numerous strategies you can implement, depending on the type of business or service that needs promotion – from sharing information about discounts and sales events via text message campaigns all while building relationships with potential buyers in order for them to become loyal customers down future impulse buys at just “spray-and-pray” moments when they’re feeling low.


The output tone should be professional

WhatsApp has a long way to go before it catches on with the American public, but it is quite popular in other nations such as South Africa, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico. We’ve included some techniques below those businesses can utilize to get consent from customers with WhatsApp.


Specify your objective

You must first define the objective of your WhatsApp marketing efforts. Whether you’re promoting a new product, disseminating information about a discount, or soliciting registration for an event such as a webinar or workshop. You can then frame your communication in this manner.


Identify your intended audience

Your WhatsApp marketing plan will be entirely dependent on the demographics of your target audience. The terminology used, the usage of jargon, clickbait, and so forth. It varies according to your target’s preferences. CRM software, for example, can assist you in deciphering your clients’ demographic and psychographic characteristics.


Amass a mailing list

A subscriber list can be swiftly established by giving quality content to consumers for free and then asking for their basic contact information. You may also include a ‘contact me via WhatsApp’ option. The consumer who provides this information is then automatically added to your contact list.

whatsapp subscribe message


Plan your communication ahead of time

Prior to delivering the first communication, you must organize your logistics. Additionally, keep in mind that the clients who will receive messages will be utilizing a smartphone. This implies you can also send them links to your items or websites, which will increase conversion rates.


Make use of software that allows you to send bulk WhatsApp messages

Because WhatsApp is not an automatic technology, you must spend some time delivering your messages. This issue can be avoided by utilizing a bulk WhatsApp message sender.

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Leverage WhatsApp to Extend Exceptional Customer Support

Your consumers may immediately reach out to you using the WhatsApp app and desktop version. As a brand, you can use WhatsApp to provide immediate assistance to your clients and interact with them on a more personal level.

customer support via whatsapp


Distribute Attractive Offers via WhatsApp

You can give your existing customers appealing discounts and promotions to encourage repeat purchases. WhatsApp is also a widely used tool for upselling and cross-selling your products and services to your consumer base.

distribute coupon code

Maintain the Quality of Your Messages’ Content

Your marketing communications via WhatsApp should be of the highest quality. This is crucial in order to establish a brand’s identity and attract new customers. Bear in mind that brief yet effective messages perform wonders on WhatsApp.


Make Use of WhatsApp’s Calling Feature

If a consumer requests additional information or wants to speak with a sales representative, you can use the WhatsApp calling tool. This ensures that as soon as a customer initiates contact with your brand, you can respond instantly.


Don’t Underestimate Group Chat’s Potential

The group chat tool enables businesses to engage with their target audiences and gain a better understanding of their psychometry. Additionally, this function is frequently used to run surveys and analyze customer preferences.

WhatsApp's Calling Feature


There are so many more creative ways to use WhatsApp as a channel to advertise, create and engage with your audience. Thank you for reading. 

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