18 Type of Softwares Used For WhatsApp Marketing

In most cases, people who want to send a lot of bulk WhatsApp messages end up buying a desktop-based WhatsApp Marketing tool that lets them send automated WhatsApp promotional messages in a limited number of formats with a limited number of features. Web.WA.com is used by most of these desktop-based WhatsApp marketing tools. Hash WhatsApp Channels like QSender, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, and so on work in a linear way.

You should use WhatsApp to reach your customers, build relationships, and spread the word about your business. It also lets you talk to your audience in real time. However, WhatsApp doesn’t allow ads of any kind.

Therefore, it’s also important to use other tools like WhatsApp marketing software or the WhatsApp business API to send a message to a large group of people at once, but keep in mind the laws that already exist.

Well, here’s a list of the best WhatsApp marketing software, with links to their websites and features that people like. The list includes both free (open source) and paid software.

1. WAAM-it Sender

WAAM-it Sender

Purchase WAAM-it for your business sand and enjoy a simple and cheap marketing tool. This WhatsApp marketing tool lets you send personalized messages to a lot of people at once. It can speak 50 languages, so it’s perfect for a global company.

2. Bulksmsplans

Bulksmsplans is your one-stop shop for all of your WhatsApp marketing needs. It helps you connect with your customers in a variety of ways. With the help of this software, you can easily send text, images, audio and video files, as well as vCards, to your friends and contacts. It is also one of the best apps for marketing on WhatsApp.

3. Digiton


Using WhatsApp Sender Pro, you have the ability to send messages from both the software and your official number. It allows for real-time communication while also maintaining data security. In addition, you will be charged a fee for each message sent.

4. MessageBird


MessageBird is a top-notch business phone and WhatsApp marketing software that helps you make voice calls, send text messages, and broadcast messages on WhatsApp at a good price. It connects to more than 175 different countries. As a powerful bulk WhatsApp sender, it is built in. It works with both SMS and WhatsApp messaging at the same time.

5. WhatsUpp

WhatsUpp is the world’s most popular cloud-based WhatsApp marketing platform. By integrating our API into your existing software, you can easily integrate WhatsApp notifications, such as order placement, payment receipt, and other events. Find out more about WhatsUpp.

6. SalesPanda


With SalesPanda’s WhatsApp marketing solutions, you can promote your company on a multi-dimensional level to potential customers. Through its multi-format supported interface, this WhatsApp marketing tool ensures high-end engagement with your customers.

7. Bulk WhatsApp Messenger

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger

The best option is to use bulk WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp marketing software enables you to send a WhatsApp message to an unlimited number of recipients without storing their contact information in your contact list. You can import numbers and names from an excel spreadsheet, a text file, or a CSV file.

8. Whatso


Whatso is a WhatsApp marketing platform used by over 35,000 users worldwide. With the addition of a new anti-blocking technology in October 2019, bulk WhatsApp software is one of the most effective marketing tools for mid- and small-sized businesses looking to increase user engagement and drive sales.

9. Rap Booster

Rap Booster

Rapbooster is a WhatsApp bulk messaging tool with over 700 million users worldwide. As well as a convenient channel to achieve your customers, rapbooster will provide you with bulk WhatsApp service and also a fantastic medium for attracting customers, as you can send not only text but also video and audio to attract your customers.

10. Hans Finest

Hans Finest

Start Hansfinest Simple WhatsApp Tools, which are free to use. You have the ability to send an unlimited number of responses to WhatsApp users. It includes features such as a random generator, group auto poster, and multiple channels, among others.

11. Wapp Blaster

Wapp Blaster

Receive Free WaapBlaster is a cutting-edge WhatsApp marketing tool that enables you to reach out to your potential customers in the simplest and most impressive manner possible. You can quickly and easily distribute videos, images, and promotional materials in bulk.



AGNITAS is a high-capacity WhatsApp marketing software that assists you in achieving your objectives of the organisation with the least amount of investment. It comes with cross and multi-lingual support, allowing you to take advantage of an all-encompassing WhatsApp marketing strategy.

13. Whappext


The WhatsApp Marketing Software from Whappext allows users to send bulk WhatsApp messages to millions of users without storing their contact information on your phone. This bulk WhatsApp software makes it easy to share text, images, videos, and documents, among other things.

14. NowFloats Boost360

NowFloats Boost360

Boost 360 is a cloud-based business administration suite that enables you to scale your online business. From managing your business profile to managing your catalog, events, as well as other business information, Boost 360 configures your entire digital marketing and eCommerce strategy in less than 8 minutes.

15. Kaleyra


Kaleyra is a worldwide leading cloud WhatsApp marketing software service that provides integrated communication services across multiple channels, including Messaging, Voice, and WhatsApp. Kaleyra is used by over 3000 enterprises worldwide, which include Fortune 600 brands such as Credit card, Hyundai, and Amazon.

16. JustSendIt


JustSendIt is Marketing Keeda’s first Android-based WhatsApp marketing application. Send customized information to your subscribers using their first and last names without saving their contact information. Regardless of the nature of your business, our software is all you need. Today, download and activate your Free Trial.

17. Allwebmart


Integrate Allwebmart’s WhatsApp marketing assistance, which is simple to use and hassle-free, and you will benefit from a larger customer pool and increased sales figures. Sending bulk WhatsApp messages, videos, and images at a low cost is made possible with the help of the WhatsApp marketing tool.



WHATSEND PRO – The Best Software for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing. With your number, send bulk WhatsApp messages. Excel imports numbers, allows you to attach images, includes an anti-blocking option, a number filter, and a group grabber, among other features.


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YAERIS – An alternative way to advertise via WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, Signal, Zalo & iMessage. Yaeris allows you to send your promotional content message in bulk within 24 hours. On top of that, Yaeris allows you to generate WhatsApp API. You can use this API to integrate and connect with your existing software. WhatsApp API allows you to perform automated WhatsApp message. For example, sending a thank you WhatsApp message to customers who have placed order successfully with you, sending an automated birthday wishes to respective person with personalized name, informing your customer on the delivery status and many more.

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